About Vimpressionnistes

Qui sont les Vimpressionnistes?

Les Vimpressionnistes is an ideal, and ultimately, a mission. It is to liberate wine from the shackles of rationality, and return the focus to its raison d’être: us humans, the pleasure it offers us.

The subjective nature of taste defies any numerical rating system of wine. In fact, it defies any measure of quality in a wine at all, because quality is intrinsically tied to our subjective preferences, our mood, our upbringing, and even our own physical palate.

So why insist on judging, classifying, or quantifying a product as complex as wine? Can any one score or technical analysis convey that which is alive, constantly evolving, that which displays a distinct personality and which chooses to show itself to one, while shying away from another? Can one rationalize the impression that is felt when bringing a glass to one’s lips and taking in a grand cru?

No. Clearly not, and at Les Vimpressionnistes, the focus is on the expression of these very impressions through more creative, personal outlets. Our senses are flawed. Subjectivity prevents us from defining a wine exactly, and so we must embrace subjectivity. What we can define exactly, is ourselves. What we can convey is that which we feel, the impression that is left upon experiencing a wine of character.

The purpose of the Vimpressionnistes blog is to communicate the essence of this message, shape it through encounters, color it through personal tastings, and hopefullly convince wine enthusiasts to stop judging wine, and to start expressing the way it moves us.

-Mark White, aspiring Vimpressionniste

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