Joke label – Grand Vin Misérable!

Here’s a pic of a funny Bordeaux Supérieur which was given to me as a present to taste blind…. it kinda lived up to the name, since it was so herbaceous I had guessed it to be a tired, old Cabernet from a cold region (even though it’s actually 2015?!)

Chateau Migraine

Chateau Migraine

I can see how this very herbaceous “Miserable” “Last Cru” from the Domaine “Charlatan” would give one a “Migraine” the next morning!

Enjoy the label! Thanks again to Alex for the headache!

The real name of the estate, along with the vintage and appellation are actually on the “back” label, which would actually legally be considered the front, since it contains all the legal notices (which must all appear on the same label.. except for the sulfites notice). This is a common practice, even for serious wines, to avoid crowding the presentation.

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