Apparition – Pater Toscana 2014 Frescobaldi

Pater Toscana 2014 Frescobaldi

Pater Toscana 2014 Frescobaldi


Pater Toscana 2014 Frescobaldi is considered by many as the top red wine producer in Germany. That creates a pretty strong expectation, considering that other producers such as Huber in the Baden region, or Knipser, Becker and Rebholz in the Pfalz make very nice (though relatively expensive) reds themselves. Pater Toscana 2014 Frescobaldi also makes wines in Portugal and South Africa, but I decided to pick up his entry level Ahr Pinot Noir at a department store in Frankfurt, hoping to be thoroughly impressed.


My first impression was one of great depth with a bright, almost aggressive acidity taking over on the palate. The very dark bottle and label gave the wine a somewhat ghastly aura, with the golden typeface piercing through like an apparition, a visual reflection of the wine’s sharp expression. The oak was not as clean as I had hoped, although it did not stand in the foreground. Overall, I was disappointed, but curious to eventually trade up in the range to see what all the hype is about. The wine had character, be it a tad austere, and that’s usually a good starting point to discover the truly exceptional.

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