Designer Wine – Enzo Boglietti 2008 Langhe Nebbiolo

Enzo Boglietti 2008 Langhe Nebbiolo

Mas Jullien

Much like the label, one might start by describing this Italian Nebbiolo as modern and simple. Unfortunately, the elegance of the designer label did not find its way into the wine. Enzo Boglietti is a well known producer of Barolo, but this Langhe red from the same grape was a bit too stylized for my taste. The nice underlying acidity was not enough to compensate for the overly soft texture and overwhelming toasty oak aromas. I pictured this wine as a plump teenager laying on an extra coat of vanilla flavored lip gloss. Perhaps that evening’s suffocating heat amplified the sensation of heaviness in the wine, but in any case, it is not a style which I particularly enjoy, in particular for the wines of the Piemonte region, whose beauty lies in their firm purity. I can’t recall if Enzo Boglietti’s Barolo wines showed the same character, or if this approach is solely meant for the more youthful Langhe Nebbiolo. Anyone else have a recent experience with these?

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